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Here is for me to express my feelings & For you to know.


Photobucket Bday > 24th May(:

Love big eyes softoy.


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Thursday, June 17, 2010
Steadstead forever<3.
Today jie and I woke up at ard 6am.
We met up at 7am to play badminton LOL.
Although she slept at 2am last night, but she said nvm
Felt really touched !! haha!
Love you FISHBALL Jie ! MUACKS<3

Friday, June 11, 2010
I'm back.
Now is the june holiday.
But it does not seem like a holiday for me.
Tons of homework.
And Cannot Go out too.
Basically, I am so pathetic. whatever.
Anyway, had mac for morning ^^. the pancakes <3.
I really like mac band KFC de breakfast. love it ttm.
Just now had ba zhan for my breakfast( dad brought home the day before).
Not bad as inside the ba zhang have alot of ingredients.
But too much meat le LOL.
Really Hope O levels will be over soon so I can go out everyday with my love ones.
Anyway, yesterday night before sleeping was msging quite a few friends.
Something happened & I was laughing non-stop on my bed. HAHAHAHA. lol.
Kay, so bored now....... 

Saturday, June 5, 2010
So looking forward to monday !!!!!!!! weets.
Anyway, had intensive lessons in sch for the past few days.
Tuesday is the last day. 
Anyway, unusual things happened recently.
A trustworthy , loyal, truthful friend that I really love to be with.
But sometimes, the way you treat us turn out differently.
And at the same time, It did not happen just once , twice but many times already.
We have our limits want you know. 
Seriously, It's time for you to make a change.
I know everyone cannot be perfect.
But there's one thing of you makes people intolerable towards you.......

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
A short update.
Yesterday met Fishball & we played badminton for around one hour ^^.
FUN LEH!!!!! Everytime I go out with her, I will feel so happy want =X.
And just received jing yi gave me de bday <3.
And Just saw steadstead de blog. How slow I can be LOL. <3 you !

Monday, May 31, 2010
 I am here to express my dissatisfaction for what I have written for my O level mother tongue paper one.
 For my last paragraph of my bao zhang bao dao, I scribbled without much thinking as there was only 5mins left.
A total disaster . 
Seriously , this last paragraph will surely pulled my grade down. GOSH.
Just felt kinda angry & unhappy with what I wrote .
And my mind has some great ideas but with just pathetically 5minutes, I just did not manage to write them down.
How great can that be ?
I think that when the markers see my sentence structure , they will be like ?.?. 
If I can't get an A1 , I really want to retest !!!!!!!!!! Damn it.
REALLY FEEL SOOOOOOOOOO (**(*&^@@#$(*^%#%&*t
For paper two, it was also very tough.. Feel like banging the walls.
Shall not rant about this (feel like crying!!!!! =( )
Anyway, tomorrow have intensive lessons. 


Friday, May 28, 2010
  Woke up at 10am plus(pretty late>.<).
  Went Out with my sister. Lol.
  We were drenched under the rain -.-! ( when we walking to plaza).
  Ate at naked fish for our dinner ^^.
  After that,  she went for her tuition while I went home.
  Anyway, Chinese 'O' level written paper will be on the coming monday.
  Ahh, feel so nervous.
  However, I haven do any own revision yet . 
  Moreover, We have already memorize almost what we needed to during school mock exam.
  Fear for paper 2. Always the part which pulled my grade down!!!!!!
  And yesterday, I woke up again because of the weather !!!!!!!!!! IT'S KILLING ME!!
  Lastly, I have been feeling so fan these few days.
I really scared later after o levels feeling fade liao.
And after o levels probably we are going to different schools !!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
     I'm here to update what happened in school today.
     It's Fajar YOG Games Day.
     Although 4E4 didnot win for the class decorations , but I really think that we had done well !
     At least everyone of us did something ^^.
     Anyway, played basketball with karen, jiaying & prisca for the yog game.
     I was really nervous for the first game til my stomach suddenly felt so hungry. LOL. cause vs sec5! -.-.
     They really very good lor.
     Anyway, was damn pai seh because I hit til one of the opponent's face.
     Was feeling really guilty and kept apologise to her profusely. 
     Ahh, still feel guilty now lor.
     But overall was fun.
     We played one game then go final le cause some classes didnot turn up for basketball.
     Haha. Although never get first . haha. 
     W/o star player(karen) and prisca and jiaying, confirm cmi. Cause I am so noob. haha.
      K, that's all for today.